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Today we are introducing an update to the Flash rank. We have decided to change the rank from a one-off rank into a subscription rank. This means we have been able to drastically lower its price and add many more perks to it while keeping all existing perks.

What does this mean?
The flash rank is no longer a one-off rank like the other ranks. You must now subscribe to it monthly which you can cancel at any time. Anyone who has purchased the rank already will be credited the price they paid + an extra month.

Do I keep perks from my one-off ranks if I purchase flash?
Yes, you do. The flash rank is added so it doesn't override your existing rank and when the rank expires or you cancel it will automatically be removed.

Why is it now a subscription rank?
Changing flash to a subscription rank allows us to sell it at a lower price so more people may have the chance to enjoy its perks and get even more out of our network. We are always looking for ways to improve our network and we saw this as a major one.

I hope you guys enjoy this change and are enjoying SkyArkham so far. We have many more changes in the works so look forward to this weekends weekly change-log.


  • Fixed some incorrect messages with upgrading hopper limits.
  • Added in a new spawn.
  • Added in a new and bigger public mine.
  • Fixed a shop exploit.
  • Added /cf
  • Added better bot protection.
  • Increased the price of mythical enchantments.
  • Added /chatcolor to /settings.
  • Swapped out the August crate for the September crate.
  • Added the "Flash" rank.
  • Added /tags.
  • And many other misc. changes and fixes.

Hope you guys are excited about the up coming season. We have many more updates planned for our weekly change logs. We also have a 50% sale active over at: http://buy.skyarkham.org/

Hello and welcome to our weekly update logs. In this post, I will share any changes made to the server during that week.

  • Updated the formatting for /msg
  • Added combat logging to prepare for a future PVP arena.
  • Lowered the selling price of all cooked meats.
  • Increased price for selling cactus.
  • Increased the selling price of melons & pumpkins.
  • Disabled creepers exploding and breaking blocks.
  • Disabled fire spread in the island world.
  • Added the auction house or /ah
  • Fixed a few shop exploits.
  • Added /chat color
  • Disabled the ability to craft hoppers.
  • Added the ability to sit on stair blocks.
  • Fixed a typo on the MOTD.
  • Added /playtime
  • Added new words to the chat reactions.
  • Fixed an issue with hopper limits not being set correctly.
  • Increased the default hopper limit.
  • Lowered the hopper limit upgrade prices.
  • Made GOLD_BLOCKS stack in barrels.
  • Decreased the amount of levels GOLD_BLOCKS provide towards island value.
  • DIAMOND_BLOCK now provides the same amount of island worth as EMERALD_BLOCK.
  • Updated the mob section of the shop to all items only require 1 to sell.
  • Gave donators access to the donator shop.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were not stacking.
  • Added the ability to display an item in chat.
  • Added player shops.
  • Added /sell hand to Super Villain.
  • Added /sell all to Joker.
  • Added McMMO
  • Added Mob Coins
  • Replaced the total votes placeholder on the scoreboard with one to display the number of mob coins a user has.

That's all the changes for this week. A summary will also be posted in Patch Notes at the end of the month with all the weekly changes in 1 post. I hope you guys are still enjoying SkyArkham we have many more updates on the way!