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Hello and welcome to our weekly update logs. In this post, I will share any changes made to the server during that week.

  • Updated the formatting for /msg
  • Added combat logging to prepare for a future PVP arena.
  • Lowered the selling price of all cooked meats.
  • Increased price for selling cactus.
  • Increased the selling price of melons & pumpkins.
  • Disabled creepers exploding and breaking blocks.
  • Disabled fire spread in the island world.
  • Added the auction house or /ah
  • Fixed a few shop exploits.
  • Added /chat color
  • Disabled the ability to craft hoppers.
  • Added the ability to sit on stair blocks.
  • Fixed a typo on the MOTD.
  • Added /playtime
  • Added new words to the chat reactions.
  • Fixed an issue with hopper limits not being set correctly.
  • Increased the default hopper limit.
  • Lowered the hopper limit upgrade prices.
  • Made GOLD_BLOCKS stack in barrels.
  • Decreased the amount of levels GOLD_BLOCKS provide towards island value.
  • DIAMOND_BLOCK now provides the same amount of island worth as EMERALD_BLOCK.
  • Updated the mob section of the shop to all items only require 1 to sell.
  • Gave donators access to the donator shop.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were not stacking.
  • Added the ability to display an item in chat.
  • Added player shops.
  • Added /sell hand to Super Villain.
  • Added /sell all to Joker.
  • Added McMMO
  • Added Mob Coins
  • Replaced the total votes placeholder on the scoreboard with one to display the number of mob coins a user has.

That's all the changes for this week. A summary will also be posted in Patch Notes at the end of the month with all the weekly changes in 1 post. I hope you guys are still enjoying SkyArkham we have many more updates on the way!