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Pending / TobyCheng616HK's / Helper Application #1 /

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by TobyCheng616HK, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. TobyCheng616HK

    Aug 11, 2019
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    > Minecraft Username:

    My Username is TobyCheng616HK.

    > Current Age:

    I am currently 14 Years Old.

    > Discord tag (name#0000):

    My discord tag is jrazornight#7529.

    > Why did you decide to apply for SkyArkham?:

    Because I want to help out the other staff members on finishing the server and I want to be able to have experience in the server so when it releases I would know what I will do. Also because I want to build and maybe configure or set up some GUI's on the server and help the new players start in the server.

    > Do you have any previous experiences as a staff member? If so what are they?:

    First one was at Nazi Craft(I was 11 back then) I was so childish that time so well abused and got demoted then after I got promoted again I never abused again, the player base was 9 or 13, it was a factions server and was top 3 in the Philippines Minecraft-Mp Vote List. My highest rank was administrator in that server.

    The second was at Skyrage 2016-2017, it just started as a factions server with only 4 or 6 players, when I came I fixed up some bugs, made some builds, made the server skyfac then changed the name to Skyrage, since it's SkyBlock(Sky) and Factions(Rage). Then we became a network, I became the co-owner then we had a player base of 49 players, the highest was 72.

    The third was my server as skyrage 2018, now I made only 2 servers, skyblock, and factions. Skyblock was the best since I focused on it more than factions, I made it to where it is different from other serves in my country, so we became the top 1 server in the Philippines with a player base of 34 and the highest of 53 players (it crashed when it became 52)

    Then chocolate hills which had a player base of 78 players and highest were 136. I was just a developer and a helper there, so that's all.

    > What is special about you that you personally feel is your trait?:

    My strong suits are building, coding/configuring, customizing, photoshop-ing, video editing, managing servers, managing the staff team and advertising.

    > How long can you be on for a day?:

    I can play 3-5 hours on Mondays to Thursdays.

    4-8 hours on Fridays.

    And 5 Hours +, If I do not have school or tasks.

    I can play 5 hours or more on Sundays.

    6 Hours or more on Saturdays.

    More if I do not have tasks or plans.

    > How long have you been playing SkyArkham?:

    For about 2 days or so.

    > Have you ever been punished on SkyArkham? If so, why?:

    I have never been punished on SkyArkham.
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    Dec 26, 2017
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    Hello, Thank you for taking the time to apply on SkyArkham your application is being marked as Pending. We will contact you when a decision has been decided regarding this application.